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Hello and welcome to IFC’s Health and Wellness site!

We are so pleased that you have chosen to find out what this new arm of IFC’s program is all about. We at IFC feel like our staff and our clients are all one big happy family. Like any family we have good times and challenging times but we are all in it together.

Our goal is to offer you a few tips in the way of healthy recipes and useful tid-bits of information, that might make your journey towards a healthier lifestyle a bit smoother. We will post relevant information such as nutrition class schedules, food demo recipes and keep you posted on the latest news on topics such as how to get the most out of local farmers markets, free dental screenings, Cal Fresh info, and free summer lunch programs.

We know how challenging it can be to keep yourself and your family fed in these lean economic times. This website will offer you low cost healthy recipes keeping in mind that the goal is to help us all make better decisions to CHOOSE WELL, and in turn BE WELL.


Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet potatoes are one of the super foods. They are packed with vitamins and fiber and will keep you full for hours. If you are trying to cut down on grains or gluten or just looking for a super healthy alternative to bread, try using toasted sweet potato slices and then top them with your favorite sandwich fixings.

Simply slice sweet potatoes in 1/4 slices and toast twice in a regular toaster. Top with goodies like peanut butter and bananas, or avocado and squeezed lime juice, or tuna mixed with olive oil and red onion. Yum! Enjoy!

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